« Eric Martin was born in 1967 and fell in love with his first camera twenty years later.

As a musician and member of a French rock band, his first experiences as a photographer were naturally live shots, but he soon opened his talent to other fields and started to study photography in a more professional way.

In 1992, Eric bumped into Robert Chouraqui’s famous work… which immediately triggered something in his mind. This artistic slap in the face could be compared to the feeling he had the first time he attended a punk rock gig: he knew it was exactly what he wanted to do. This subtle mix of aggressive ness and aestheticism was already what he was trying to express in his both melodic and energetic music. Christophe Mourthé’s pictures, discovered a bit later, confirmed that combining strength and refinement was not utopian.

From that time, he worked hard for creating some intense and sophisticated images, inspired by the fetish universe and based on a fashion spirit.

Today, Eric Martin is one of the most famous fetish fashion photographers, his work appeared in many publications all over the world (Marquis, SM Sniper, Fetish Photo Anthology, Whiplash, D Magazine, Bondage and Fetish…) and his lens has more and more dealings with the bodies of notorious international fetish models… »